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Full service hunting for our Disabled Veterans

Hunting Hunt all over the
State of Minnesota

Photo was taken on a 4 day hunt that took place at
Wing-n-Fin Resort on Lake Traverse Minnesota
leaves First Class

Wounded Warriors Guide Service provides
first class accommodations, including our
Top Notch Vet Retriever “Bo”!View Photos
Slide 3 jFlow Plus The Right Spot,
The Right Time

We love to put our clients in the right spot at
the right time. We spend hours behind the
wheel so that we have the ultimate hunting spot.

Who Are We

WOUNDED WARRIORS GUIDE SERVICE is a cost free guide service founded by veterans for veterans. We here at WOUNDED WARRIORS GUIDE SERVICE provide waterfowl hunting opportunities for our vets that have been wounded serving our great nation.
    Established in 2009, we began offering disabled veterans the opportunity to join us on our duck and goose hunts, and it has really taken off from there.
    We are always looking for new opportunities and partners to help us in our quest to provide a successful and positive hunting experience for these great men and women who have already sacrificed so much, if you can help in any way to help us achieve this goal it will be greatly appreciated, we don’t ask for money but opportunities and supplies to help.

What We Do

We are always preparing for the waterfowl season and we want to share our great experiences with those who have sacrificed greatly for our country.
    We provide everything from guns, ammo, and gear depending on the need. We have great connections and are able to offer lodging and can accommodate almost any situation. Our staff is very knowledgeable in the field, and very confident in their abilities to put vets in the right place at the right time for hunts.

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Looking to help:
We are looking for Volunteers to help usWeb Browsers throughout the year! As well as help gathering items to raffle/silent auction for the fundraiser! Let's make this year even better!

We are always looking for support to help fund the hunts for the Veterans, whether it be financial or volunteering. All dontations go toward the cost to provide the hunts for the Veterans. We are a 501c3 and that allows you to have a tax deductible donation!

So you're thinking you want to get in on the hunt?

That's great! There's just a couple of things we'll need first...
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